Benjamin Moore Paint Gennex

Jul. 03, 2013

Cashway Lumber is proud to announce that we have made the move to Benjamin Moore's Gennex Paint platform.

The Gennex® Colorant Advantage: Manufactured with Benjamin Moore's own proprietary resins, Gennex® waterborne colorants are what sets Benjamin Moore® paints apart from the competition.  Typical colorants weaken paint and make it thinner and more difficult to apply.  They also reduce the film's washability, allowing the color to rub off and fade.  But zero-VOC Gennex colorants actually fortify the paint, so it maintains its original viscosity in all colors, delivers a more durable finish, and maintains true scrubbability.  This make the paint easier to work with and ensures that you will be satisfied with your work for years to come.  This platform is available in both Interior and Exterior Paints.